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We are pleased, honored, and humbled to be voted Best Dental Practice in Alaska.  Thank you, we look forward to the continued service of this great state!


“All men by nature desire knowledge.” — Aristotle

Patient education is something we strive to provide at bty DENTAL. Our goal is to supply you with the knowledge not only of the treatment you are receiving but the importance of that treatment to your overall oral care and health.

It is easy to be told something by a medical professional, but often more difficult to understand it. We want you to walk out of our practice with new knowledge that will help benefit you in the future.

It’s never too late. While the clock is always ticking, your time never runs out when it comes to allowing yourself what you need. Why not start with something that affects your everyday life?

The results of an American Dental Association survey show that a person’s smile is a more crucial physical feature than their eyes, hair, and body. What does this mean? It means that you should have a better relationship with your local dentist.

Start today by calling 907-333-6666 to begin your new dental routine and face tomorrow with a brighter smile.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Our plan for the future

In some places, proper dental care is only provided for a few days, once a year, and if you don’t make it in those few days, you have to wait until the next year. We want to eliminate that problem by having one free dental clinic for every 50 that bty DENTAL opens.

This practice would be the site where a dental mission trip would typically take place; however, we would occupy it year-round. The 50 clinics would rotate each staff member, who would spend roughly one week in the free practice.

That will give every employee an opportunity to help someone who truly needs it, and benefit not only the patient but the team member as well.

preventive dentisrtry

Preventive Dentistry

bty DENTAL is a general dentist that offers several additional services to better meet your dental needs.
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Sometimes, life happens. In the chance that you were to break or fracture a tooth we are able to fix it with a variety of treatment options.
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Do you want a beautiful, bright, youthful smile? We offer a safe, simple way to whiten your teeth that will take years off of your smile!
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dentures implants


Are you missing teeth? Gaps in your smile can distract from your overall appearance. Implants are the best alternative to your natural teeth.
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iv sedation

IV Sedation

IV Sedation is a safe way to put you at ease during your dental treatment.
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"You guys saw me on such short notice, were extremely kind and helpful. Thank you so much! Excellent customer service, very professional."
~ Holly
"I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a professional, courteous dental office. 5 out of 5 stars."
~ Ryan
"Always fast, clean, and staff is always friendly and professional. They make sure that I'm not in pain during the whole procedure."
~ John
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