Mon V. November 14, 2017

Thank you to DR Han And Arnold! They cleaned my teeth and did amazing  made me feel comfortable and at ease!

Lynn A. November 13, 2017

went to bty dental at artic location, got my tooth taking care of by this awesome Doctor Hyung along with doctor park and rachel that was helping trying to get my wisdom tooth out. I extremely satisfied with the service and I swear these Doctor did a great job and especially to my dr Hyung you are the best and very professional. I had no complain at all during my check up from beginning to the end. Really looking forward to see you on my next appointment. Thank you so much and I highly recommend Artic Dental location

Kistal P. November 9, 2017

I called yesterday in a emergency situation when I spoke with the gal Kira at the front desk she was very compassionate to my pain and got me in the next day. When I arrived Jennifer the dental assist was friendly and warm. I really appreciated how informative Dr. Ohsie was and honest with me about not needing a filling just a very quick procedure for sensitivity. I look forward to coming to my next visit due to their hospitality.

Ashia S. November 7, 2017

Chelsea Alberto was AMAZING! My children were so comfortable and enjoyed their first time being seen here. Thanks for everything! Also would like to give a special thanks to Maria.

Kathy H. November 2, 2017

Dr Zoe Li and Corey did an amazing job. Quick fast and easy. Been with Bty for about almost 4 years. Easy to make appointment with too!

Kimmie F. October 30, 2017

Dr. Han, Tricia and SJ are an amazing team and I'm extremely satisfied with the service!! I was in so much pain and I left the office feeling much better! They extracted 2 wisdom teeth super quick and I felt no pain.

Christina H. October 26, 2017

I had a great experience here thanks to Dr. Man and Ms. Jennifer!

Jaci R. October 24, 2017

Dr. Marc .. Rachel... Jennifer and Ashley ... excellent customer service .. caring and full of information .. thanks for the help!!!

Loogpla C. October 18, 2017

I discoverd BTY Dental at the women's show summer of 2016. This my 2nd annual checkup. I arrived BTY Dental at my scheduled appointment. I entered the facility. Katherine, the office Manager greeted me warmly upon my arrival. During my visit, Dr. Lee and his assistant, Kimberly provided an excellent service. Dr. Lee informed me of a small line fracture at one of my fillings. He let me know my options and invited me to choose. I chose to replaced the filling on this same day. It was getting toward closing time. Rather than telling me to reschedule for another visit - BTY dental go above and beyound the call of duty. The team reached out to another Dentist. A small wait. Dr. Jones and her assistant, Yer enter my room. Dr. Jones provided an outstanding care. Every one was very thorough with their work, You all are amazing! Thankyou.

Candice C. October 17, 2017

After several years of putting off dentist visits, I deserved the toothache that came this past summer. I finally couldn’t withstand the pain and called BTY @ Arctic & 36th. Within hours, I was in the dentist chair and received the best care from Arnold, who made sure I was comfortable & taken care of while he assisted Dr. Jones in my root canal. 
I anticipate my next visit next week without anxiety. Thank you guys so much for a pleasurable experience.��

Don A. October 15, 2017

Went to BTY dental on east 9th ave last week for a tooth that had broken a while back. The crew there made it a very pleasant visit, (well as pleasant as a tooth extraction can be). I couldn't be happier with how things went from start to finish. 
This will be where I'll be going for future dental work. You guys were great. Thanks

James A. October 13, 2017

"I came into your Turnagain office and let me just tell you what an outstanding young professional lady Lakeva is. Wow, if I needed someone to run my front office I would definitely put Lakeva as the head chic in charge of my front office/desk. She is an exceptional employee and would definitely be an asset to any team/office. I think she deserves a humongous abudance of extra money in here paycheck every pay period. Definitely the best of the best! Awesome job Lakeva. Oh, almost forgot you have a really pretty name."

J.A. G. October 10, 2017

"I was referred by my boss back in September. He said. Any things.

Having been a patient 2 times in the last 3 weeks allow me to give a review.

The staff was on it! I mean I walked in at 8 with a highly infectious tooth and mouth with no appointment. With in 22 minutes (yes I watched clock) They had a dr and staff ready to take care of me.

= straightforward process and conversation. In and out in great time with no problems pertaining to detail to attention.

Went back 2nd time. Staff was on top of my previous visit file notes. Took care of me again with no appointment.

Please trust me, from a guy who has been in the dental chair an easy 40 times in my life, please do give this business a chance."

Sophie I. October 6, 2017

"I do not like going to the dentist AT ALL! The last time I went I came very close to a panic attack so bad I started crying. Today I saw Dr. Oshie with his DAs Kara and Sydney. I have never felt so calm getting my teeth done. Everything was explained, my questions answered and was reassured throughout the whole process. I was scheduled around my work schedule. I give a 5 thumbs up to Dr. Oshie and will definitely recommend BTY Dental to my friends and family."

Brooke C. October 2, 2017

"Dr. S Lee and his assistant both Sydney and Tracey were amazing with my 8 year old daughter. Thanks for making her comfortable and taking your time with her"

Margarita S. September 29, 2017

"So glad the new Northern Lights location opened. Everyone was pleasant and extremely helpful. LaShaye made the checkin process smooth & Jennifer was friendly and a great assist during my procedure. Dr. Lee was amazing; so thorough & so patient. Yeah, I found a dentist that was so the bomb dignity! �"

Paepae U. September 25, 2017

"My large family of 9 was able to be seen today. Everyone did a great job and in and out quick. Thanks to Dr. Han, Dr. Oishe, Dr. TPark, Dr. Li, Beth, Courtni, Ara, Sydney, and Al."

Randy M.. September 22, 2017

"Great visit today. Everyone was kind and efficient! Emily at the front desk and Dr. man and Tricia in the back took great care of me. Thanks Dimond office �"

Sarah J. September 21, 2017

"Dr. S. Lee and Sydney were great with my son! Not only were they really nice and gentle with him, but they put me at ease too by listening to my concerns. Made my own appointment for tomorrow!"

Shellene A. September 18, 2017

"Amber, Courtni, Rachel and Karen were amazing! They were very accommodating and made sure my kids and I were able to be seen at the same time. They were very patient and understanding!."

Darcie S. September 15, 2017

"Today was my first visit to the dentist in quite a long time. I was very nervous about going, but after seeing Dr. Sam Lee and Jennifer, I left in a wonderful mood. Dr. Lee has a very calm demeanor and is very kind. Jennifer was extremely friendly, but not overbearing. They were very professional and answered all of my questions and helped me feel very confident about my choice in choosing bty Dental. I will definitely be back and would refer them to friends and family!!!! Thank you for your care today!!!!!."

Luis R. September 13, 2017

"Mirella Tang Dr. You were excellent a attending to my needs. I've been much too passive about the work I needed done and they knew that. Still they treated me respect and were understanding of my wrecked nerves physical and mental. I would like to thank them virtually as I have in person. The work needed to be done for me live comfortably and i. glad that I had David to help get it done."

Yanots Y.  September 8, 2017

"First of all, to begin with this is by far the best dental clinic I have ever gone too! I regret not learning of this dental clinic sooner. This was my first time going to BTY at the Tikahtnu Center. I had an awesome team that worked with me: Dr. Lowe, Kara, and Kira. They provided top notch information and options that I can choose from. Dr. Lowe was very smooth and skillful in my operation. She had a great personality, learning about her patients, and was comforting and assuring. I have high confidence that her work was beyond excellence. Along with her assistant, Kara very supportive and knew her role. Kira the administration, gave me sufficient and accurate information about insurance billing to make a critical decision. I am highly satisfy by these profound individuals! This place will be my permanent dental clinic. COME HERE, COME ALL."

Anna W. August 30, 2017

"Had a great experience here. Everything was done efficiently and with little discomfort. Thank you Dr. Marc, Courtni, and Anton!"

Heidi R. August 23, 2017

"Dr. Marc helped me today. It was the most pain-free any dentist visit has ever been. I have a small mouth and a huge fear and his team was great. Thank you! Tracy, Tang, and Dr. Marc Eun are a great team. They put me at ease and relieved my pain. Awesome job y'alls."

Anjelica B. August 22, 2017

"Dr. Kim and Courtni are absolutely wonderful! I have now been to the abbot office 4 times and I always get treated very well. Dr. Kim, always suggests what the very best option for me is. I will definitely be returning."

Corey T. August 17, 2017

"I have a rather large family and bty accommodated us perfectly! The staff and doctors are professional and really good with kids! I'd like to give special thanks to Dr. Han, Mackynzie, Maria, Sohyun, and Arin for making our dentist trip a pleasant experience!"

Dave B. July 10, 2017

"From the moment I walked in the door and began speaking with the gentleman at the counter, I was made to feel very welcome, and safe. Great experience as far as a trip to the dentist can be.

Catherine L. July 6, 2017

"BtyDENTAL is a good place to check your teeth. Doctor Sam Lee explained to 2 of my kids and me that all of our teeth had some cavities but he fixed it all. Courtni was a help to keep us calm and comfortable. Anton has a big smile on his face the whole time. I would definitely come back for the next checkup."

Marcia B. July 3, 2017 

"Really enjoyed my visit today Shelby. She was great. Friendly, positive and made me feel really comfortable"

Heather J. June 21, 2017

"I just wanted to say thank you for making my visit to the dentist a better experience! Dr. E. Jones, Courtney and Jennifer are the best! I really appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for everything! I highly recommend Dr. Jones, Courtney and Jennifer!"

Michelle B. June 20, 2017

"btyDENTAL is a great dental place, and the people who work there are very nice, like Courtni and Annie who helped get my permanent tooth fixed, so thank you and to the whole btyDENTAL."

Anne C. June 14, 2017 

"Courtni and Sunny were very helpful with my treatment today. And my teeth feel as good as new!"

Achou K. June 12, 2017 

"btyDENTAL is the best dental for my family they are nice, friendly and kind...I also want to thank Jennifer and Sara for taking good care of my kids today at the Dimond location. Thank you BTY!"

Gerry R. June 9, 2017

"All the staff are Great ... my kids are enjoying.. Nice facility, very clean. Dr. Lee & Jennifer are very gentle. They treat you like a Family"

Hank N. June 3rd, 2017 

"Have already recommended a few family members here and love the fast and experienced staff. Courtney and Ariana were awesome!"

Pouono S. June 2, 2017

"Dr Jones, Chelsea and Jessica accommodated my husband so well. Thank you for your service today, we will be back!"

Christian D. May 30th, 2017 

"Thank you bty dental and their awesome staff; Chelsea, Sunny, Jenn, and Rachel. If anybody needs work done to their teeth this would be a great place to go! They did an amazing job on my teeth, they work with your schedule, and they are very friendly."

MeLiza R. May 19, 2017

"I always have a great experience with bty very charming people and the doctors and their assistance are very kind and respectful.

Kimberly J. May 18, 2017

"Upon first walking into the office I remember Shelby being very welcoming. I highly recommend this place to anyone needing a dentist. They're very knowledgeable and will make your visit as painless as possible. Thank you Kenneth and Shelby for your help"

Valerie Y. May 10, 2017

"Took my mother in law in for her wisdom teeth extraction. Dr.Han and his assistant Kimberly were great. Kenneth and Mia were great with their customer service. Thanks a lot!"

Joshua A. May, 9 2017

"As a guardsman I appreciate the quick and professional service I received from BTY Dental for those time you need to get those annual dental exams complete and turned in Dr. Kapil, Courtney, Sunhee and Hannah please keep up the good work! Thank you!"

Rizalyn V. May 5, 2017

"The workers here are phenomenal. They always welcomed you with a smile and a positive aura. Atmosphere is so clean and neat. Chelsea, Arianna, and Genesis are awesome."

Jasmine C. May 2, 2017

"It was my second time in the office I love their positive vibes and how I'm always in and out when I schedule my appointments. Shelby was AWESOME!! She helped me with my insurance and helped me get out of the pain! Along with Dr.Cha, btydental is the best! I recommend this place to everyone I know"

Apelu K. April 28, 2017

"The staff was able to see my family of 6 and it was fast and easy. Dr Han Man Slee and Kim were great with the kids as well as all the assistants. Chelsea Jolyn Claribelle Ariana Ara Sunny Amber Corey London Cecily and Genesis. Thank you everyone!"

Robin G April 27, 2017

"I had a really good experience at BTY Dimond. London referred me. And the service provided by Corey & Rachel at the front was great and Dr. Man and his team, Chelsea and Josh were very personable and made me feel comfortable. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Would recommend"

Justin S. April 20, 2017

"I visited this office and was helped by: Dr. Man and his staff Kenneth, Josh, Courtni, McKynzie, and Hannah. They were all courteous and professional. The experience was quick and prompt. I would definitely visit again."

Jasmine B. April 18, 2017

"I've just finished my first appointment and really enjoyed myself. The waiting area was clean. Mackenzie at the front desk greeted me in a friendly, professional manner. Dr. Walker and Kenneth made me feel comfortable as my exam and cleaning were being done. X-rays were quick and I got helpful feedback on preventing any potential issues with my teeth. I'll definitely be back for my 6 month check up!"

Ruby N. April 14, 2017

"The service I received was amazing. I am so thankful they saw me last minute and stayed open later than normal before the weekend! Dr. Park Bella, Cory and Tang were the best!!!"

Russel C. April 13, 2017 

"Wonderful and easy while professional with you. Thank you everyone at the Dimond location with helping me out with my tooth nice lobby wonderful staff dr. Kim, Arianna and Corey all handled me oh so well :)"

Brittany C. April 10, 2017

"I took my children here to see Dr. Park, and he was amazing with them. Kenneth and Shelby also kept my kids entertained while explaining things clearly. The staff was extremely friendly and professional. Great place for the family!!"

John D. April 5, 2017

"Just had the pleasure of a checkup and cleaning at the newest BTY clinic at West Northern Lights next to the Panda restaurant. From Jessica in admin to Amber the dental assistant and Dr Jones, the whole process was quick, easy, efficient, and pain free. A most pleasurable experience. Thanks to the BTY team."

Nada F. April 4, 2017

"Just wanted to thank the ladies at Bty dental for taking care of me and my boys!! Excellent Customer service, and very professional atmosphere which means a Lot to me because I've never liked any dentist!! Great Job Dr.Jones, Courtni, Ara, and Tiffani!! You women ROCK!!"

Missy J. March 31, 2017

"Dr.Jones is very great dentist. Very sweet, gentle, and I barely felt the numbing shot. https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v8/f4f/1/16/1f601.png

Michelle E. March 27, 2017

"Everyone there was friendly and professional. I met Kira, fellow Bartlett HS grad Tricia, Sunhee, and Dr Man. It was easy to schedule my appointment, no wait once I got there. I'll be back."

Demetria C. March 22, 2017

"Took my son for his first dental appointment and the staff was GREAT!! They were patient and gentle, yet fast and efficient."

Hay R. March 20, 2017

"I love this place! Thank you Cecily for referring me, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Dr. Kim was amazing, making sure my comfort was top priority and also explaining everything that was happening, making me less nervous. My dental assistant Arnold was so sweet and very professional. I completely felt in good hands. I was worried about how much things would cost but SP made sure everything would be covered, judgement free and answered any questions I had. I feel confident bringing my children here."

Jennifer K. March 16, 2017

"I was seen by Dr. CHA! He is very knowledgeable and he and his assistant Tang made me feel very comfortable for the procedure I was having done. Also Courtney who checked me in and services me up made me feel comfortable about being here after having anxieties about my procedure. All the staff at the dimond office is so friendly, courteous and my appointments have all been very convenient for me! I would definitely recommend bty dental! Thank you!"

Jacqueline L. March 15, 2017

"Had my teeth cleaned today, thank you Ashley Sipary for recommending me here!! Dr. Kapil, Monique, and Courtni made me feel at ease after being a little nervous. Deferentially going back! A+"

Debbie F. March 14, 2017

"Dr Kapil and Courtney were great. Very personable. Katherine was great taking my X-rays. Will be back. Great experience"

Lauren D. March 2, 2017

"We go to the Dimond blvd. Location. Very clean and helpful and good with kids."

Doug S. February 28, 2017

"We had a great experience last week at btyDental. They saw all my boys, yes all 4, at the same time and we were out of the office quick. The office staff were amazing and professional and made us feel right at home. My children really enjoyed the waiting area-as they finished with the dentist they were able to hang out in the play area and enjoy the games and activities. I would recommend btyDental to any family looking for a positive experience. Oh and by the way, they discuss all charges BEFORE so you as a family can made a decision on what is needed now and what can wait for later. btyDental thanks!!"

Linnea S. February 24, 2017

"Visited the tikahtnu location today! Everyone is so friendly. Got my cleaning done, unfortunately got a cavity but thanks to Dr. Parks and his awesome assistant Kenneth I didn't even need to be numbed! That was a first for me and am truly grateful!"

Chauna L. February 21, 2017

"Every time I have gone to see Dr. Han, I have been a difficult patient. From Mackinze to Courtney, and the young guy from NY my experience has been exemplary!!!!! Thank you all so much and will be seeing you very soon to continue my treatment plan."

David J. February 10, 2017

"The staff was kind and low pressure, and made the whole root canal process as painless as could be. If you're looking for a dentist in Anchorage, especially one that has extended hours and takes walk-ins, I would recommend them.
Edit: For reference, I visited the 726 E 9th Ave location."

Natye B. January 24, 2017

"Both Courtney's and Dr. Jones were wonderful they fit myself and my 4 children in all in one visit. They were patient with my 2 year old. Service was great, I recommend BTY Mt. View Dental to anyone."

Gene O. January 10, 2017

"This was by far the best dental exam I had over on east 9th. They gave me my bite back. Literally gave it back to me. The dental assistant and dentist made the experience wonderful and reminded me to breathe and relax. Way the heck better than YKHC dental by far"

DeSean G December 19, 2016

"I had to have a couple molars extracted earlier today. I have freakishly dense bones and I knew the extractions were going to be problematic to say the least. On top of that one of my molars were infected bad enough to where the numbing agent did NOTHING for the pain of extracting it. That being said, I couldn't imagine being taken care of better than I was at bty. Dr. Walker, Dr. Mann and the young lady that assisted them were very patient, tenacious, and compassionate throughout the entire ordeal. I greatly appreciate their professionalism, excellent bedside manner, and their overall awesomeness. I really appreciate you all. Thank you very much for helping me the way you did. It was almost, dare I say it, fun https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v8/f4c/1/16/1f642.png:)

Ladonna F. December 9, 2016

"They were all so nice and fixed things last dentist did not, I will always tell others to go there too. Plus I won the whitening Kit today and while I was there they got it delivered before my appointment was over. Took my picture to post. Also to show anyone can win the Christmas special."

Jenni H. November 5, 2016

"Such a great office! Waiting room was comfortable, clean, and pretty, the staff was so nice and helpful, and Dr. Cha and Sabrina Willis are wonderful. They pulled out my wisdom teeth, and I laughed the whole time. It was quick and painless, and a wonderful atmosphere"

Chantal K. October 14, 2016

"Dr.Han and his assistant Myra were great! I been coming to BTY Dental about 2 years now and they are great. Today was my first time coming to the Dimond location and everyone here is super friendly. I recommend this place big time"

Yer V. October 5, 2016

"The practice is very modern and clean. I went there to get my wisdom teeth taken out and my experience was quick and easy-going. Dr.Cha and Claribelle were very friendly and did a great job!"

Desire C. July 16, 2016

"They are excellent because of Dr. Kongkiat Ratanathaizonn for having light hands. He is an asset to the company. More power Sir!"

Anastacya R. May 7, 2016

"My dental insurance was ending and I needed to get in ASAP. Moua was wonderful scheduling and getting me into the Dimond location the very next day!!! Once I arrived I was greeted by Jessica. She was a doll. Friendly and very professional! She had a breakdown of insurance and my portion which was super helpful. Dr. Park and both of his assistants Sabrina and Myong Mee were outstanding. Being that I had to make separate visits for my procedure and permanent crown there was consistency with the level of service I received was outstanding and would recommend them to anyone! Thank you BTY Dental!!!"

Ashley A. March 15 2016

"Second time coming to bty and they were very efficient. My dentist Dr Park was very nice and had no issue with my preferences and the dental assistant Shelby made sure I was comforted throughout my visit. I hate the dentist but at least when I come here it's done what more relaxing https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v8/f4c/1/16/1f642.png:)"

Jaylena H February 6, 2016

"My girls have been seeing BTY for a few years now. No complaints! Always put the girls at ease with their cheery office and excellent dentists."

Phoebe H. January 27, 2016 

"I brought my sons to the Dimond location.Clean, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Both Dentists where very nice, actually care about their patients. They answered all my questions, they didn't push sedation they asked. After having horrible experience at a different dental office Bty restored are faith in dentists. We are very pleased, definitely recommend Bty Dimond to friends and family :)"

Lucy C. December 1, 2015

"I had the best experience with Yun & his super sweet assistant Chelsea over at the Arctic location, they did everything to accommodate me and get me in, and while I was there his assistant Chelsea was the best, she kept asking if I needed anything, if I was doing ok, & even offered me a pillow for my lower back (pregnancy problems) he gave me options and definitely explained everything very thorough. I hate the dentist and I am very good at avoiding visits BUT at BTY they make you want to come back! The facility is super clean and they are VERY welcoming. Highly recommend anyone to go!"

Carmalita D November 10, 2015

"Took my kids there yesterday and they loved it. The staff was very professional and although we came in as walk-ins, we didn't have to wait too long which was awesome! I really wanted to give a special thanks and review to Dr. Moon and his dental assistant Schonel in the ease of care and anxiety when my son needed a couple of fillings after reviewing his x-rays. No pain with numbing or during the process as we have encountered before at other dentist office. I'm not sure what kind of numbing gel they used but it was one less worry I had of them having to stick him with a needle. Thanks to Gina as well with helping get some quality x-rays of my younger, antsy son! Thank you guys for doing such an awesome job, too bad we are leaving Alaska soon!"

James H. October 27, 2015

"First time to a dentist in over 5 years got a filling and a cleaning done nice friendly staff clean and welcoming environment great dentistry work on my first visit by Dr Sessions visit in 6 more months and I will be back keep making those pearly whites shine!"

Monique O. October 1, 2015

"Wonderful staff. Very efficient and very friendly.. They worked on me and my boys and us quick about getting us all done. Definitely sticking to this dental company."

Denise M. September 4, 2015

"Took my 7 year old in today. The whole staff was kind and encouraging. We've learned what is best for her teeth and will be coming back here to make sure it's all done well. Thank you BTY Dental. She is definitely better than yesterday."

Amalia G. August 9, 2015

"Boyfriend had aching tooth, walk in appt. saw him right away and got it taken care of. He said they were all very friendly and he will be going back! Very fast and accommodating"

Andrea O. July 29 2015

"Had a great experience today with my son! Not only are they great with kids but are super friendly and professional!!! Also a very clean office which is great! I would highly recommend them"

Safun G. July 13, 2015

"Great experience, same day appt and was also able to get dental work done right after cleaning. Kendra is an awesome assistant."

Lisa T June 22, 2015 

"Flexible scheduling. One visit for any issues found. Awesome staff."

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"You guys saw me on such short notice, were extremely kind and helpful. Thank you so much! Excellent customer service, very professional."
~ Holly
"I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a professional, courteous dental office. 5 out of 5 stars."
~ Ryan
"Always fast, clean, and staff is always friendly and professional. They make sure that I'm not in pain during the whole procedure."
~ John
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