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New Patient Back To School Special FAQ

Starting on August 1st btyDENTAL will be offering all new patients a $250 credit toward their out of pocket expenses.

This applies only to a new patient exam, it doesn’t include limited exams.

For active or retired military families the credit toward treatment will increase to $350 per individual.

In order to receive this discount new patients must present either a print out of a screen shot of the coupon which is available via the btyDENTAL website for this offer.

This is for out of pocket expenses, which doesn’t include the deductible. btyDENTAL will collect the deductible from the patient at the time of service.

What if I don’t have time to start or complete their treatment today?

If the patient doesn’t have time to complete their treatment on the same day the credit toward the treatment will be available for 30 days following the exam.

What if the I am paying in cash for the new patient exam?

The discount will be applied to patients treatment costs.

Does the 8AM early bird or cash discount still apply?

We only offer one “special” per patient. Once again, the patient can pick which special they would prefer, but they utilize both specials. However, they cannot get both. The patient cannot use the credit toward the exam and then receive the early bird discount for treatment.

Can my family use this credit all towards one individual?

Each new patient receives the credit, unfortunately that credit cannot be shared with another individual in the same family.

How does btyDENTAL identify a military family?

They either must be an active duty or retired with military ID, or a spouse of dependent of active duty or retired.

Does the Coast Guard count as a military branch?

The Coast Guard will qualify for the $350 military credit.

What if I don't have any suggested treatment, can this be applied toward invisalign or teeth whitening trays?

The patient may use their credit toward any out of pocket expense, excluding their deductible, including custom teeth whitening trays, invisalign, or other services.

Is financing still available for a large out of pocket expense?

Yes, our normal financing process will still apply.

May a new Medicaid patient use this credit?

A Medicaid patient may utilize this credit for outstanding treatment after their entire cap for the year is utilized. There is no refund or future credit for an unused portion of this offer. This out of pocket expense will be based upon our fee schedule, not Medicaid fee schedule.

What if I have a remaining balance after diagnosed treatment?

There are no refunds and this cannot be shared amongst family members. If the patient doesn’t use the entire credit they can apply this toward other services such as invisalign, customized whitening trays or other services. However, the credit will be forfeited after 30 days from the initial exam.

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